Os servidores de teste foram atualizados e receberam as primeiras informações da próxima expansão! Agora é aguardar as novidades:

  • 38 Novas Montarias: Hienas, Papagaios Gigantes
  • 2 Novos Warfronts: Arathi e Sertões
  • Novo Modelo de Anduin
  • Novos Cenários: Extração de Ventobravo (Parece um membro da Horda fugindo da cidade), Por Zandalar (Cenário da Horda em Zandalar)
  • Cerco a Lordaeron: Forças da Aliança Atacando a Cidade de Lordaeron a batalha da Cinematic
  • Novo Old God: G’huun


The Siege of Lordaeron

  • Clearing the Way
    Siege Towers Defended
  • Abomination Wonderland
    Assault Lordaeron City
  • The Dark Lady
    Pursue Sylvanas.
  • She’s Getting Away!
    Pursue Sylvanas in the Gyrocopter.
  • The Great Eagle
  • Pressing Onward
  • Blast!
  • Clearing the Way
    Defeat the Azerite War Machine
  • The High Overlord.
    Defeat High Overlord Saurfang.
  • The Third Fleet
    Meet with Genn Greymane inside Brill.
  • The Winds of Change
    Find Jaina at the walls of Lordaeron.
  • Breach the Wall
    Keep Undercity’s forces at bay with King Anduin until the trebuchets breach the wall.
  • What Lies Beyond
  • Blighted Grounds
    Evacuate wounded soldiers before they are infected by plague gas.
  • The Light is Fading
    Fall back with King Anduin Wrynn.

The Stormwind Extraction

  • WAY Behind Enemy Lines
    Escape the Cathedral district.
  • Down the Drain
    Open the sewer access gate.
  • The Stormwind City Shuffle
    Escape Stormwind City undetected.
  • Well, Ship
    Slay Admiral Lockheart.
  • In the Dead of Night
    Infiltrate Stormwind City.
  • The Primary Objective
    Release the prisoners and escape the Stockades.
  • Honor and Loyalty
    Release High Overlord Saurfang.
  • The Harbor Run
    Reach Talanji’s ship in Stormwind Harbor.
  • The Stockades
    Infiltrate the Stockades.






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